Solomon Seal

Solomon Seal is a fairly obscure herb but is considered a plant with miraculous healing qualities by healers in many cultures throughout Asia, Europe, and America. In Chinese medicine, Solomon Seal is known as a nourishing tonic. Yin denoting herbs that are nourishing, moistening, and cooling. The name Solomon Seal comes from a mark that is left on the root when the stem dies back in the fall which is said to looks like the seal in Hebrew folklore that King Solomon used that gave him magical and protective powers.

Solomon’s Seal has amphoteric properties. In scientific terms, this means in can act as an acid or a base. What that means for joints and ligaments is that it can make them more pliable and gives them the ability to not only loosen but tighten as well. This is similar to adding moisturizer to dry cracked leather. This moisturizing effect also helps to prevent inflammation of the joints and ligaments. Chronic inflammation of the joints and ligaments is the cause of rheumatism and arthritis so keeping your joints and ligaments lubricated and hydrated is a great way to prevent arthritis from happening in the first place!  

Solomon Seal also works by enhancing the body’s ability to manufacture synovial fluid. Synovial fluid has an egg white consistency and the role it plays is to lubricate therefore reduce friction between cartilage and joints during movement. This is especially important for areas of the body that are prone to repetitive stress movements such as tennis elbow, rotator cuff tears, carpal tunnel, and runners’ knee and inflamed hip joint conditions.  It also helps to decalcify conditions such as bone spurs and bunions while at the same time recalcifying or repairing the calcium in bones.  

Solomon Seal is the main ingredient in our Joint Juice and one of the main ingredients in our Hair of the Dog Formula. Try it out and see for yourself how the qualities that this amazing plant possesses can benefit you! 

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