Introducing our Sleep/Stress Formula, a harmonious blend of the finest sleep-inducing herbs. Crafted as an all-natural stress relief treatment and natural sleep aid, this organic herbal formula combines time-tested calming herbs. Traditionally known for their efficacy in alleviating nervousness, anxiety, over-excitability, and sleeplessness due to overthinking, this blend addresses the effects of chronic stress. Elevate your well-being with this carefully curated, all-natural organic solution, promoting a restful night’s sleep and stress-free living.

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Traditional Herb Use:

Passion Flower: There are indications in traditional herbal lore for Passion Flower’s usefulness as a natural sleep medicine for insomnia due to over-thinking or excitability, and for calming without being over-sedating.

Lemon balm: Known as a simple calming and cooling herb for anxious times and as a natural sleep medicine.

Avena/Green Oats: A botanical treatment that is made from the green oat tops when they are in the milk stage. There are many reports of their usefulness as an herbal treatment for countering the effects of chronic stress, including as a support for the adrenal glands.

Stevia: Added as an all-natural organic herbal flavoring agent for a light, sweet taste.

Directions for use:

For stress and anxiety during the day, half a dropper full under the tongue, hold for three seconds then swallow.

For Sleep: Be sure you’re lying down in bed and ready for bed. Take a full dropper full under the tongue and hold for three seconds then swallow. For best results, be sure you are ready for bed and not still up and around.

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