Sinease Formula


The Sinease Formula is used as an aid to promote relief a variety of sinus problems, including sinus congestion, sinus headaches, postnasal drip, dry sinuses, itchy watery eyes, and hay fever.


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[div class=”leftbox”][end-div][div class=”rightbox”]Traditional Herb Uses:

ELDER FLOWER: This herb contains anti-inflammatory flavonoids. Traditionally used for inflammation and irritation of the upper respiratory system and as an Anti-mucous. Has been shown to have anti-viral properties.
EYEBRIGHT HERB: This herb contains flavonoids that may aid in inflammation and has been traditionally been used as a natural anti-histamine and for hay fever symptoms or runny noses and itchy, running or irritated eyes. Traditionally used for hay fever symptoms of runny nose and itchy, running or irritated eyes.
GOLDENROD HERB This herb contains flavonoids and quercetin, which is used as an aid in allergies and in inflammation. It also is used as an all-natural mucous membrane tonic.
AMBROSIA HERB: Traditionally used for support of relief of itchy, runny eyes as well as an organic mucous membrane tonic.
GINGER HERB: A botanical support that may aid in stimulating circulation.

If you have sinus problems due to allergies, this formula can be used in conjunction with The Al-R-G Formula. Use  The Al-R-G Formula as support for allergy sufferers and The Sinease Formula for all-natural sinus support for relief of symptoms that occur from an allergy attack or for occasional sinus problem flare-ups.

For sinus problems that turn to sinus infections, use The Immunaid Formula in combination with The Sinease Formula.

Directions for Use:
Use 1 dropper full of The Sinease Relief Formula in approximately 1-2 oz of water. Use it 1-4 times a day for relief of symptoms.

These products have not been evaluated by the F.D.A. These products and information are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please consult your physician before taking any supplement or abiding by any information herein.


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  1. Social Media Review

    While we are ‘out west’, I have been having stomach and breathing issues. Much pain in my stomach/upper chest/esophagus area. The kiosk in Flagstaff recommended I try the Sinus and the Respiratory blend, I did, did not make it far and realized how really excellent I felt compared to prior of taking! Could take a bigger breath! All the way in an exhaled better as well! Amazing! I am also able to eat and drink without constant pain! Think about these elixirs, mixes of plant and oil natural remedies! Feel better today! Thankful we ran into this when we did! Satisfied Customer!(Julia Kornas Facebook Review June 16, 2016)

  2. Social Media Review

    i have always had really bad sinus pressure and head aches, especially this time of the year. I went to a farmers market in Phoenix, with my son when I came across the Desert Willow Botanicals. The gentleman put a mixture of sinus and anti inflammatory in a small amount of water, had me drink it, told me to come back in 15 min. I didn’t feel any different but decided why not try it. I am very happy I did, after my second day my sinus pressure and head aches began to diminish. I had been taking this supplement for a few weeks when I had to go out of town, I forgot to take them with me, by the next night my sinus pressure was returning. Far better than anything I have taken, Thank you Willow (Helen Johnson – Facebook Review June 25, 2016)

  3. Kiara Duran

    This stuff is magical. We’ve had a long winter in NYC that’s been tough on my system. I’ve gotten sick twice – once with the flu and now with a headache, flu-ish cold. As soon as I start feeling hazy and yucky, I start taking 2 dropperfuls of this along with the same amount of Immune Boost Formula and feel better within seconds. It cuts down the length of my sick time and has helped me so much. I keep it handy and love that it’s all natural. It works. Highly recommend.

  4. patricia67y

    I purchased this for the first time at the farmer’s market in Munds Park. I’m ordering my second bottle as this works so well and I can avoid all OTC sinus medications.

  5. Sheena

    I first bought a bottle from a farmer’s market. Within minutes my eyes cleared up – I had no idea how blurry I was seeing from allergies until I took it. This stuff is magical. Whenever I had sinus or flurry eyes from allergies, this is tthe solution. Bu it also works great for colds. Better than any OTC medicine and without side effects. The first time I gave it to my kids when they had a bad cold they complained it tasted awful. However, the next day they specifically asked me to give them more of that awful tasting stuff before they went to school. That’s how well it works.

  6. Matt Stewart

    Was having serious sinus issues, stuffy nose, headache, raspy voice. I saw this booth at Fountain Hills Art Festival. The two gentlemen there offered me a sample. WOW I could not believe how fast it worked and how well it worked!! Even my kids were blown away. I got my voice back, could breathe through my nose and headache was fading fast. I bought a bottle right there haha. Definitely recommend this to EVERYONE with sinus issues.

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