Hair of the Dog – All Natural Hangover & Digestive Formula


We’ve all been there…the mandatory dinner program for work, weddings, happy hour get together with friends, holidays, sporting events, dinner parties, night out with the girls/boys, vacations, stressful day, celebrations, the list goes on and on. It’s a fact of life that drinking is a very socially acceptable part of our lives. With that being said, life seems to be getting more hectic by the day and being able to be as productive as possible after a night of even the slightest bit of over-indulgence can be a real challenge. The solution? Hair of the Dog, the organic, all-natural herbal remedy for hangovers is now here!

Hair of the Dog is an all-natural treatment designed to counteract the undesirable effects of alcohol consumption by detoxifying the liver, promoting re-hydration, relieving headaches, eliminating “brain fog”, easing gassy, bloated, nauseous stomach, and helping to give vitality and energy back to the body the next day. Try it one time and you will never drink even one drink without taking it again!


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Traditional Herbal Use:

All natural herbal remedy that coats and soothes the stomach, headache reliever, reduces stomach acid

Milk Thistle: 
This organic herbal treatment helps to protect the liver from the effects of alcohol and an excellent liver detoxifier

Solomon Seal: 
This herbal remedy relieves dehydration and promotes fast re-hydration to the body.

Ginger Root:
All-natural herbal treatment that stimulates circulation (cloudy, foggy feeling), relieves nausea

Directions for Use:
For Hangover Prevention: Add 1 dropper full in approximately 1 oz of water before bed after drinking. Take another dropper full first thing in the morning the morning after.

For use as a Digestive Formula: Use one full dropper full as needed anytime something is eaten that doesn’t agree with your stomach. Also a fast acting formula for acid reflux and heart burn. Take anytime you eat something that gives you heart burn. One full dropper full in a swallow of water.

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