Black Walnut Hull: Promotes healthy intestinal flora, reduces toxins & eliminate parasites.
Dandelion Root: Promotes liver function, assimilate fats and breakdown of toxins.
Dandelion Leaf: Promote healthy balance, reduces excess fluid, high in trace minerals.
Chickweed: High in trace minerals & stimulates thyroidfor healthy metabolism.
Burdock Root: Blood-purifying herb that contributes to healthy skin appearance.
Gravel Root: Acts as tonic for kidney function.
Ginger: Aids in circulation, proper digestion.

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[div class=”leftbox”][end-div][div class=”rightbox”]Directions for Use: Take 1 dropperful in 2 oz of water twice a day until the bottle is gone. Safe to take again with a month break or anytime you feel you need to detox with at least a month break in between.

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