Al-R-G Formula


Say goodbye to chronic or extreme seasonal allergies with The Al-R-G Formula! Make it your daily ally for comprehensive natural support. Crafted to support the immune system response, aid liver detoxification, and fortify adrenal glands, it’s your key to optimal well-being. Bid farewell to allergies with this powerful and balanced approach.

Designed for daily support, The Al-R-G Formula gradually lessens symptoms over time. Allow 2-3 weeks of consistent use for maximum benefits. For seasonal allergies, kickstart your routine 1-2 weeks before allergy season and continue as a daily supplement until it concludes.

Pair it with The Sinease Formula for quick relief from acute allergy symptoms while waiting for The Al-R-G Formula to take full effect (typically 2 to 3 weeks). Once you’ve experienced the benefits of The Al-R-G Formula, keep The Sinease on hand for as-needed relief during flare-ups. Your ultimate allergy solution awaits!

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Traditional Herbal Use:

MAITAKE MUSHROOM: Used as an herbal remedy tonic for the immune system; considered an “amphoteric”: used in under as well as over-reactive conditions. Studies show it to have liver-restorative and liver-protectant properties.
NETTLES LEAF: A plant high in nutrition; considered a blood-builder. Studies show it to help dampen down allergic responses and to be a natural anti-histamine. Nutritional aid for the adrenal glands.
DANDELION ROOT: Traditionally used as an herbal tonic for the liver; an organic herbal detoxifier.
LICORICE ROOT: This herbal remedy is considered an adrenal gland restorative. Anti-inflammatory; used to soothe irritated upper respiratory passages.
SPIKENARD ROOT: An all-natural botanical used for Chronic irritation of the mucous passages. An immune tonic.

Directions for Use:
Add 1 full dropper of The Allergy Relief Formula in approximately 4 tablespoons of water twice a day. Take first in the morning on an empty stomach, then later in the evening before you go to bed throughout allergy season.

These products have not been evaluated by the F.D.A. These products and information are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please consult your physician before taking any supplement or abiding by any information herein.


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