Al-R-G Formula


The Al-R-G Formula is daily support for people that suffer from chronic and/or seasonal allergies. Please allow 2-3 weeks of consistent use as directed to see maximum benefits. Start taking 1-2 weeks before allergy season for seasonal allergies and then as a daily supplement until allergy season is over.

For the most comprehensive natural aid, The Al-R-G Formula is taken as a daily supplement to promote a balanced immune system, support of liver detoxification, and support of the adrenal glands.

The Sinease Formula is a great counterpart to The Al-R-G Formula as a comprehensive approach.

Traditional Herbal Use

MAITAKE MUSHROOM: Used as a herbal remedy tonic for the immune system; considered an “amphoteric”: used in under as well as over-reactive conditions. Studies show it to have liver-restorative and liver-protectant properties.
NETTLES LEAF: A plant high in nutrition; considered a blood-builder. Studies show it to be helpful in dampening down allergic response and to be natural anti-histamine. Nutritional aid for the adrenal glands.
DANDELION ROOT: Traditionally used as an herbal tonic for the liver; an organic herbal detoxifier.
LICORICE ROOT: This herbal remedy is considered an adrenal gland restorative. Anti-inflammatory; used to soothe irritated upper respiratory passages.
SPIKENARD ROOT: An all-natural botanical used for Chronic irritation of the mucous passages. An immune tonic.

Directions for Use:
Add 1 dropperful of The Allergy Relief Formula in approximately 4 tablespoons of water twice a day. Take first in the morning on an empty stomach, then later in the evening before you go to bed throughout allergy season.